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Why You?

I'm running because I believe my service as a Newark teacher, leader, advocate and organizer puts me in the  position to make decisions that will positively impact our students, families, teachers, tax payers, and city. 


What's your view on charter schools?

 Charter schools are a part of the fabric of Newark education and provide families with options. I firmly believe that in a Democracy families have the right to choose the option they believe is best for their children. What's NOT ok is when all options aren't equitable. There is work to be done to ensure that every school in our city is a school worthy of a family's choice. 

Are there things folks aren't talking about that should be ?

Yes! As we entered this era of local control, a TON of time, energy, and effort was put into our strategic 10-year plan for the district. While the pandemic definitely shook our city to the core, we have to be vigilant about this 10-year plan and ensure we are meeting the benchmarks our community determined were important for our district. 

What about learning loss?

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has had a tremendous negative impact on the academic and social-emotional realities of our students and families. The path forward must be one of healing and support. Academically this will take a combination of grade-level instruction and remediation. Socially, this will take a pro-active supportive approach to meeting the needs of our kids , families and teachers. This is one of the toughest tests we have faced as a city, and I know that together we can overcome it all.  

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